the girl convinces the guy she knows she will enjoy it very well


Gırl guys to be better than your stepmother blair williams gets caught sending naughty sext messages with her tits and ass hanging out to her boyfriend, and her mom, claudia monet, is sick of it! When blair’s stepdad, charles dera, gets home from work, claudia tells charles to spank blair.
Charles’s half-hearted spankings aren’t enough for claudia, who pulls blair’s thong down and demands hard, bare-assed smacks.
As soon as claudia leaves the room, charles lets blair up and apologizes.

What he doesn’t know is that the spankings have really turned his stepdaughter on and that her attention is now fixated on finishing what charles has started.
Rubbing charles’s thigh, blair finds her stepfather already hard gırl guys to be better than your stepmother.
She takes advantage, getting on her knees to pull out his cock so she can take it between her hot lips.
Charles makes no move to stop her as she bobs her head, working her way down until she’s deep throating his hardon.

Even after claudia returns to the kitchen, charles simply urges blair to hold the moan rather than disengaging from his stepdaughter.
When claudia leaves them alone once again blair hikes up her miniskirt and climbs into charles’s lap to slide down onto his fuck stick.
He enjoys the ride for a while before getting blair on her hands and knees to slam into her doggy style.
Laying blair on her side so he can pound into her from a standing position, charles waits until his stepdaughter has climaxed before pulling out to coat the curls covering her gırl guys to be better than your stepmother twat with his cum shot.


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